our process

Create product charter -> Conduct discovery ->

Create issue RFI/RFP -> Aggregate, evaluate responses -> Selection, negotiation.

  • Define scope and align expectations with the client; create Project Charter, including project budget

  • Perform Discovery – “As Is” and “To Be” Business Processes and Functional Requirements

  • Document & Validate – Create RFI/RFP

  • Go to market – engage software and partner providers…

  • Aggregate and score provider RFI/RFP responses

  • Conduct software demos – aggregate scores

  • Conduct additional vendor/partner diligence – aggregate results

  • Evaluate vendor proposals, pricing, support, etc.

  • Create “holistic” comparative report portfolio, including all software/vendor scores, software and services pricing, risk factors, TCO, etc.

  • Final selection and contract negotiation