How It Started.


David Ryan founded Concepts in Technology over ten years ago to address a need that was conspicuously unfulfilled in the void between  apparel/footwear manufacturing companies and the software companies that serviced their industry.  During his time as a fashion industry executive for several high profile brands, Dave directed numerous technology initiatives.  From these experiences, he realized that for these initiatives to fully succeed, a more specialized and dedicated role, positioned between the client and the software provider, was needed.

The company was hence formed that would serve as the advocate of apparel manufacturers in their search and implementation of software solutions.  Dave further recognized that software providers would also benefit by way of having the potential client’s needs articulated in a cohesive and objective format that would be consistent across all of CITech’s engagements.

With the success of this early beginning, and the subsequent expansion and evolution of the company, CITech has grown to become an industry recognized “niche” resource for apparel/footwear companies seeking system solutions, project governance, and best-practice business consulting.


David Ryan
Founder, Concepts in Technology